Gas and Liquid Sample Filters 

Parker Balston Gas and Liquid Sample Analyzer Filters protect analyzers from sample impurities by removing solids and liquids from gases with 99.9999% efficiency at 0.01 micron. Balston Sample Filters offer liquid filtration to 0.3 micron or lower. They are inert to most any gas or liquid. These filters offer long life between filter element changes.

 Models 9922-05, 9900-05, 9933-05, 4433-05
The 99XX-05 models are the smallest disposable filter (DFU) units with 11.7 ml internal volume. These models are used for low flow gas or liquid applications.
The model 9900-05-BK has a color indicating feature that turns red when saturated with oil. The 4433-05 model has 1/4” and 3/8” barb connection molded into the inlet/oulet ports.

Models 9922-11 and 9933-11
These models are used for applications similar to the smaller disposable filter units. The 9922-11 and 9933-11 are ideal for applications that require greater solids holding capacity and can tolerate the increased retention time.

Model 8833-11
These disposable filter units are used as continuous coalescing filters with a third port serving as the drain, slip-stream, or by-pass port.

Parker Balston 99XX-05 DFU


Parker Balston 4433-05 DFU


Parker Balston 8833-11 DFU


Parker Balston 9922-11 DFU



Filter Housing Specifications

Model # 9922-05 9900-05 4433-05 9933-05 9922-11 9933-11 8833-11
Drain None None None None None None 1/4” Tubing
Material PVDF Nylon Nylon Nylon PVDF Nylon Nylon
Cartridge Length 3.2 cm 13.2cm 3.2cm 3.2cm 5.7cm 5.7cm 5.7cm
Max. Temp 135°C 110°C 110°C 110°C 135°C 110°C 110°C
Max. Pressure 125   psig 125 psig 125   psig 125 psig 125   psig 125 psig 125 psig
Dimensions 2.5 x 8cm 2.5 x 8cm 2.5 x 8.72cm 2.5 x 8cm 3.6 x 12cm 3.6 x 12cm 3.6 x 12cm


Filter Cartridge Specifications

X-Type Cartridges

Used for solids and relatively large amounts of suspended liquids in gases.Provide excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance to 300°F (150°C),and good mechanical handling properties. These cartridges have thick walls for improved coalescing efficiency. Should be used whenever permitted by housing internal volume. Fluorocarbon Resin Binder.

Q-Type Cartridges

Used for solids and trace amounts of liquid in gases. Similar to X-Type cartridges in chemical and temperature resistance. Fluorocarbin Resin Binder.

Microfibre Filter Cartridges

Gas Filtration

at 0.01 micron

Liquid Filtration

(98%   Retention)

Grades DX, DQ 93% 25 micron
Grades BX, BQ 99.99% 2 micron
Grade AQ 99.9999+% 0.9 micron
Grade AAQ 99.9999+% 0.3 micron


Ordering Infomation

To order, simply select the materials of construction most suitable for your application and filter grade.

i.e. Part Number 9922-05-AAQ

would be a pack of ten model 9922-05 disposable filter units with a grade AAQ filter.

Model # 9922-05 9900-05 4433-05 9933-05 9922-11 9933-11 8833-11
Box of 10 DFUs 9922-05-  XX 9905-05-XX 4433-05-  XX 9933-05-XX 9922-11-XX 9933-11-XX 8833-11-XX