Gas Mixing, Control & Measurement

voegtlin massflow meter red y compact with battery power sliderThe Vogtlin range of gas flow meters and controllers give the end user unlimited possibility’s when it comes to gas management for your application. The backbone of the Vogtlin range is there ability to offer customers extremely high accuracy readings with a full range of options and accessories to suit even the most demanding of applications. Combined with free software as well as their fully customizable modular design the application possibilities are endless.

Applications Include:

Centralized measurement of gas consumption - Measuring the consumption of expensive gases leads users to be economical with resources. Costs are promptly reduced, and the user knows exactly where, when and how much has been used.

Control of Gas Atmosphere - Controlled by a remote signal (e.g. CO2 Gas-Sensor), Vögtlin's thermal mass flow controllers create the optimum conditions for your application through their short reaction time and fast regulation. Gas mixtures remain stable, and adapt immediately to new requirements.

Gas Flow Mixing - Vögtlin's thermal mass flow rate regulators permit both master-slave mixtures (a master gas to which a specified proportion of an additional gas is added) and gas mixtures with fixed percentage proportions.

Gas Flow Control - Automatic or manual – Vögtlin's thermal mass controllers feature high precision for the regulation of gas flow rates. When used for automatic regulation, the optimized interaction of the measuring unit and the regulating valve permits complex regulation tasks to be implemented efficiently and reliably.

Flame Control - The most important precondition of constant quality in flame control is that the gas mixture or proportioning is stable. The fast regulation and high precision of Vögtlin's thermal mass flow controllers – controlled and monitored through a PC or PLC – is highly impressive. The reproducibility of production processes soon pays off.

Leak Testing - Highly accurate measurements are needed for successful leak checks. As a result of calibration with the actual gas, our thermal mass flow rate meters are exceptionally accurate over the entire range of measurements.

The Vogtlin range can be broken into two types as follows:

Vogtlin Mass Flowmeters & Controllers with Data Output

Features include:

  • Real Gas Calibration –multi gas calibration from the same unit
  • High Accuracy and fast sample rate
  • Measurements are insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
  • Analogue & Digital outputs
  • Optional Profibus interface
  • Free Software Control
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Optional Data logging
  • Optional Gas Mixing ability
  • Optional Built In Display
  • Optional Flow / Pressure Control

Vogtlin Battery Powered Flowmeters

Features Include

  • Real Gas Calibration –multi gas calibration from the same unit
  • Measurements are insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • High Accuracy and fast sample rate
  • Compact Design
  • Total consumption can be displayed.
  • Battery powered or optional 24V DC supply
  • Optional Alarm Function
  • Optional Control Valve
  • Optional Totalizer