Ultra Dry Air NMR Generator

Parker Balston NMR Dry Air GeneratorThe Parker Balston NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) gas generators are a complete system with carefully matched components engineered for easy installation, operation and long term reliability. They are designed to transform standard compressed air into a safe supply of dry (-73oC) gas ideal for ejecting, spinning and lifting on NMR instruments. The NMR gas generators are an ideal alternative to nitrogen cylinders or dewars. Payback periods are typically less than one year. Each system is delivered complete, and ready for easy installation. A high efficiency prefiltration system, automatic drains, a 0.01μm final filter, a moisture indicator, and pretested controls are integral to the design of each dryer. To install, simply connect your house compressed air supply (at least 60 psig and 1/4 inch pipe) to the dryer inlet port, and connect the dryer outlet port to your instruments. Plug the electrical cord into a wall outlet - no electrician required - and the unit is ready for trouble-free operation. Designed specifically for NMR instrumentation, the generator is completely automatic, and virtually maintenance free. It is ideal for injecting, spinning, and lifting operations. It is recommended by major NMR instrument manufacturers and is currently installed in several thousand locations. The UDA-300 Ultra Dry Air Generator is perfectly matched with our range of Anest Iwata oil free scroll compressors. (click here for more details)

  • Produces a continuous supply of ultra dry (-73oC) air for NMR spectrometers and other analytical instruments
  • Low cost alternative to nitrogen - pay back periods typically less than one year
  • Ideal gas supply for ejecting, spinning and lifting operations



Model UDA-300
 Dewpoint -73oC
 Flow Rate at 60 psi inlet pressure  184 L/min
 Flow Rate at 125 psi inlet pressure 340 L/min
 Min/Max INlet Air Pressure 60 psi / 125 psi
 Ambient Temperature  25oC 
 Electrical Requirements   230 VAC - 50Hz 
 Inlet / Outlet Port Size  1/4" NPT (female) 
 Dimensions (H x W x D)  1,040 x 380 x 200 mm 
 Weight (Shipping) 23 Kg


Ordering Information

Description Part Number Price
 Ultra Dry Air NMR Generator UDA-300  
 12 Month Service Kit MK7525  
 Inlet Pressure Regulator 72-130-V883