ng6 1tf qtrap 1

‘NG6-1TF’ - AB SCIEX QTRAP Gas Generator

‘NG6-1TF’, is the latest PSA Laboratory Gas Generator from Noblegen Products designed to meet the gas requirements of the AB SCIEX 650 Triple quad e-QTRAP, Triple TOF 6600e X500 QTOF Instrument.

Utilising the reliable and efficient PSA technique of separating Nitrogen and water from the air is used to produce high quality Nitrogen Gas and Pure Dry Air specifically to meet the requirements of the AB SCIEX Instrument.

The Generators are controlled using the latest in HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real-time, inlet / outlet pressures, Trend graphs and much more......

New features include:- Dual Pressure display Outlet Flow % Indicator
Energy saving mode - auto start / stop Remote access / monitor using RS232 Service alarm and service records page Maximum pressure override system to increase compressor life.

ng6 1tf qtrap 2Typical screen shown.

The NG6-1TF Nitrogen Generator from Noblegen is your reliable and efficient alternative to conventional high pressure cylinder and liquid gas supplies. The Generator has been designed to meet the gases, flow and pressure demands of the AB SCIEX Instruments which requires

Curtain, Source and Exhaust gases at the correct flow, pressure and purity. The colour graphic touch-screen displays all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistant supply of gas is always available to the API instrument.

Now with maximum pressure override system, if you are not taking 100% flow-rate the PSA will change over before it reaches the relief valve pressure, increasing compressor life.