DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor safely Detects Hydrogen Leaks in GC Systems

Da Vinci DVLS3Laboratories using hydrogen as a carrier gas need a reliable safe way to detect hydrogen leaks during GC analysis. Hydrogen is considered the best carrier for GC systems as it provides a faster analysis, higher efficiency, reduced costs and a prolonged column life. The advantages of hydrogen are clear; but it does have one disadvantage! DVLS3 Simply Smart Sensor to safely detect hydrogen leaks in GC Hydrogen is an explosive gas and an undetected leak can occur with a broken column or a leaking connection which unfortunately might result in an explosion in the GC oven. The robustness of the GC limits the risk for the staff, but the laboratory will need to replace its GC. 

With the DVLS3 Hydrogen Sensor you now have a safe technique to detect a hydrogen leak in GC Laboratories.

Monitor Hydrogen in GC Oven

The DVLS³ Simply, Smart Sensor is installed in the GC oven for continuous monitoring of the hydrogen concentrations in the oven air. The LCD screen of the external controller displays the measured gas concentration. If the sensor detects a user defined hydrogen concentration, typically between 25% and 50% LEL (equal to 1%-2% by Vol. hydrogen), it will ensure the safety of the laboratory staff by several means:

  • The LCD screen of the sensor controller starts flashing;
  • The sensor controller transmits an acoustic signal and sends a text message to a mobile device;
  • The sensor controller automatically switches the carrier gas to an inert gas and sends an automatic stop signal to the GC.
Simply Smart Sensor Display Simply Smart Sensor Parts Simply Smart Sensor installed in GC
Simply Smart Sensor Display Simply Smart Sensor Parts Simply Smart Sensor installed in GC


Detect a Hydrogen Leak and More…

Due to the unique design of the DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor you can combine up to four sensors in one controller. For example use four sensors for several GC’s or connect several sensors to one GC. The sensor is compatible with all GC brands. Next to the hydrogen leak detection Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers multiple sensors dedicated to the detection of:

  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Level (liquid) weight

DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor benefits:

The versatile multi sensor offers GC labs a safe solution to change the GC carrier gas to hydrogen. Its benefits are:

  • Explosion risk eliminated
  • Lower operating costs
  • Optical and acoustic alarms including an SMS alarm text message
  • Automatic alarm activation
  • Automatic carrier gas switching from H2 to N2
  • Automatic stop signal sent to GC
  • Easy calibration
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all GC's
  • Leak detection indicates analysis is compromised
  • Multi-Sensor capability supports up to 4 sensors:
    • Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen as Leak Detector
    • Temperature
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Level (liquid) weight