Fortis SpeedCore HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Fortis Speedcore™ columns are the very latest in core-shell technology. Incorporating our optimised bonding and packing practices with a core-shell particle provides the analyst with the ability to speed up analysis and increase resolution over ‘traditional’ 3µ & 5µ particles even on normal 400bar systems.
Speedcore can also be used in UHPLC systems to provide robust rugged separations, the low dead-volume of these systems helping to ensure maximum efficiency gains are achieved.

Fortis SpeedCore Particle

Phases Available

Fortis SpeedCore C18 HPLCC18

  • C18 Hydrophobicity
  • General HPLC reversed phase use
  • Ultra High Efficiency
  • Method development starting point

Speedcore C18 is designed to provide characteristics which will enhance method development. It provides the ability to obtain sharp peak shapes whilst retaining and separating a wide variety of compounds both hydrophobic and hydrophilic.


Fortis SpeedCore Diphenyl HPLCDiphenyl

  •  Alternative selectivity
  • Separate positional isomers
  • Stable ligand, No “MS” bleed
  • Enhanced polar retention

Speedcore Diphenyl is designed to provide characteristics which will enhance selectivity and the ability to develop methods. Particularly suited to positional isomers and other closely related species such as metabolites.


Fortis SpeedCore PFP HPLCPFP (PentaFluoroPhenyl)

  • Reversed phase selectivity
  • Separate metabolites
  • Excellent resolution €
  • Excellent stability

Speedcore PFP (PentaFluoroPhenyl) is designed to provide characteristics which will enhance selectivity. It provides alternate selectivity to a hydrophobic stationary phase whilst still maintaining the key attributes of robustness and reproducibility.



  • Hydrophilic Interaction Mode
  • Separate polar species
  • Excellent retention
  • Excellent stability

Speedcore HILIC is designed to provide characteristics which will enhance retention of highly polar analytes. Reproducible surface characteristics provide robust separations.

 Phase Specifications

  Particle Size Surface Area Pore Size Carbon Load USP Code
SpeedCore C18 2.6um 140m2/g 80A 10% L1
SpeedCore Diphenyl 2.6um 140m2/g 80A 7% L11
SpeedCore PFP 2.6um 140m2/g 80A 6% L43
SpeedCore HILIC 2.6um 140m2/g 80A N/A L3