Silicycle MiniBlock 275

Silicycle MiniBlock

 Originally designed by chemists and engineers at Bristol-Myers Squibb, the SiliCycle MiniBlock® was further developed by METTLER TOLEDO and is now manufactured and commercialize by SiliCycle. Our combined experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries will further enable the SiliCycle MiniBlock to fulfill your synthesis requirements and meet your project deadlines.

Widely used by chemists in the pharmaceutical, academic, biopharma, chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries the SiliCycle MiniBlock’s unique, compact, flexible and modular design will easily fit into your workflow. Its variable reaction arrays and working volumes can easily be adapted to changing project needs. It takes advantage of novel synthesis techniques such as parallel purification using sorbent based technologies.


Furthermore, this easy to use reaction block is specially designed for parallel synthesis and screening reactions. Some of its common applications include the synthesis of small organic molecules, optimization of critical process parameters and screening for optimal reaction conditions. It’s parallel synthesis capabilities enables you to achieve multiple reactions simultaneously, using similar amounts of time, energy and starting materials, as it would usually require for a single experiment. The SiliCycle MiniBlock’s high compatibility with existing and emerging technologies in today’s synthesis labs will make it your tool of choice for:


  • Solution & Solid-phase synthesis
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Library synthesis / combinatorial chemistry
  • Screenings
  • Scavenging studies
  • Reactions for which filtration  is critical
  • Multi-step synthesis


And, finally, since the SiliCycle MiniBlock® is fully compatible with the entire spectrum of SiliCycle scavengers (metal, organic and GPI scavengers), functionalized silica gels (such as chromatographic phases and reagents), heterogeneous catalysts and all our SPE sorbents (silica-based and polymeric); No need to look any further, to find all that you will need for your projects.