Membrane Filters

Membrane Filters-2We offer a wide variety of filter materials including pre-filter membranes, as well as hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials, in a variety of formats to suit your product or application needs. Precut membranes include Nylon, Cellulose Acetate, PVDF, PES, Nitrocellose and PTFE.  All are available in sizes ranging from 13mm to 142mm. 

  • Sizes from 13mm to 142mm
  • 0.2 and 0.45 micron
  • Non Sterile

 Membrane Specification Sheets


For information regarding chemical compatibility please see the chart under the technical information section above.

Ordering Information

Pre Cut Size (mm) 13 25 47 90 142
Qty Per package 100 100 100 25 25
Nylon  .02um NY0213 NY0225 NY0247 NY0290 NY02142
.45um NY4513 NY4525 NY4547 NY4590 NY45142
Cellulose Acetate (CA)  .02um CA0213 CA0225 CA0247 CA0290 CA02142
.45um PT4513 PT4525 PT4547 PT4590 PT45142
Polyethersulfone (PES)  .02um PE0213 PE0225 PE0247 PE0290 PE02142
.45um PE4513 PE4525 PE4547 PE4590 PE45142
Nitrocellulose (NC)  .02um NC0213 NC0225 NC0247 NC0290 NC02142
.45um NC4513 NC4525 NC4547 NC4590 NC45142
PVDF  .02um PV0213 PV0225 PV0247 PV0290 PV02142
.45um PV4513 PV4525 PV4547 PV4590 PV45142
Grade 1 glass fiber 0.7um GL513 GL525 GL547 GL590 N/A
Grade 2 glass fiber 1.0um GL213 GL225 GL247 GL290 N/A
Grade 3 glass fiber 3.1um GL413 GL425 GL447 GL490 N/A
Grade 4 glass fiber 5.0um GL913 GL925 GL947 GL990 N/A