Syringe Filters

syringe filtersOur syringe filters are designed for efficient and cost-effective rapid filtration of almost any solution prior to analysis, and are optimized for superior flow rates and highthoughput. We offer a wide variety of membranes ideal for any application. The housing attaches to any standard Luer lock syringe, so the sample can easily be pushed through the membrane with minimal pressure. The result is a particulate-free eluent that is ready for use with HPLC, GC, or other analytical techniques.

 Membrane Specification Sheets

 For information regarding chemical compatibility please see the chart under the technical information section above.

Ordering Information

 25mm Syringe Filters

  Size 25mm   25mm with   Prefilter 25mm with   Prefilter
  Qty Per package 100 1000 100/PKG 1,000/PKG
 Nylon .2um NY02 NY022 NY0225P NY0225P1
  .45um NY45 NY452 NY4525P NY4525P1
 Cellulose Acetate .2um CA02 CA022 CA0225P CA0225P1
  .45um CA45 CA452 CA4525P CA4525P1
 Polypropylene .2um PP02 PP022 PP0225P PP0225P1
  .45um PP45 PP452 PP4525P PP4525P1
 PTFE - Hydrophobic .2um PT02 PT022 PT0225P PT0225P1
  .45um PT45 PT452 PT4525P PT4525P1
 PTFE - Hydrophilic .2um PTL02 PTL022 PTL0225P PTL0225P1
  .45um PTL45 PTL452 PTL4525P PTL4525P1
 PES .2um PE02 PE022 PE0225P PE0225P1
  .45um PE45 PE452 PE4525P PE4525P1
 Nitrocellulose - (MCE) .2um NC02 NC022 NC0225P NC0225P1
  .45um NC45 NC452 NC4525P NC4525P1
 PVDF .2um PV02 PV022 PV0225P PV0225P1
  .45um PV45 PV452 PV4525P PV4525P1


13mm and 17mm Syringe FIlters

  Size 13mm  17mm
  Qty Per package 100 Pack 1,000 Pack 100 Pack 1,000 Pack
 Nylon .2um 13NY0 13NY025 17NY0 17NY025
  .45um 13NY4 13NY455 17NY4 17NY455
 Cellulose Acetate .2um 1302CA 1302CA5 17CA0 17CA025
  .45um 1345CA 1345CA5 17CA4 17CA455
 Polypropylene .2um 1302PP 1302PP5 17PP0 17PP025
  .45um 1345PP 1345PP5 17PP4 17PP455
 PTFE - Hydrophobic .2um 1302PT 1302PT5 17PT0 17PT025
  .45um 1345PT 1345PT5 17PT4 17PT455
 PTFE - Hydrophilic .2um 1302PL 1302PTL5 17PTL0 17PTL025
  .45um 1345PL 134PTL5 17PTL4 17PTL455
 PES .2um 1302PE 1302PE5 17PE0 17PE025
  .45um 1345PE 1345PE5 17PE4 PE4525P1
 Nitrocellulose - (MCE) .2um 1302NC 1302NC5 17NC0 17NC025
  .45um 1345PNC 1345NC5 17NC4 17NC455
 PVDF .2um 1302PV 1302PV5 17PV0 17PV025
  .45um 1345PV 1345PV5 17PV4 17PV455


25mm Sterile Syringe Filters

  Size 25mm  
  Qty Per package 100 1000
 Nylon .2um NY0225T NY0225T1
  .45um NY4525T NY4525T1
 Cellulose Acetate .2um CA0225T CA0225T1
  .45um CA4525T CA4525T1
 PES .2um PE0225T PE0225T1
  .45um PE4525T PE4525T1
 Nitrocellulose - (MCE) .2um NC0225T NC0225T1
  .45um NC4525T NC4525T1