US State Underground Storage Tank Methods and Petrochemical Standards

Ultra Scientific LipidsEach state has developed analytical protocols for dealing with the problem of leaking underground storage tanks. Although there is a great deal of overlap among these methods, each state’s protocol takes their unique conditions and requirements into account. ULTRA Scientific has prepared a number of reference standards for the state and federal underground storage tank (UST) methods, as well as standards for petrochemical analysis, including the fast developing field of biodiesel fuels. Each component in a reference standard is pre-analyzed, with most analytes being >99% pure, and the solvents are of the highest quality available. All solutions are gravimetrically prepared to a precision of ± 0.5%. A certificate showing the actual weight of each analyte is supplied with the standard. If you cannot find the specific mixture you require listed under your state method, examine some of the other methods. The standard you need may appear listed under one of the other states.