SepaFlash iLok Series

iLOK® Series

SepaFlash® iLOK® flash cartridges offer users convenience for manual assembly, allowing for a flexible sample loading method: solid load and direct liquid injection. The series is offered in two formats: iLOK® flash cartridge pre-packed with ultra-pure silica gel (40–63 µm, 60 Å) and iLOK® empty solid load cartridge with frits, screw cap, O-ring and end tips.

Standard Luer-Lok end fittings allow for quick, easy connection to flash system

Innovative column design convenient for manual assembly and column stacking

Available in wide range of cartridge sizes for any situation

Reinforced cartridge body with maximum operating pressure up to 200 psi


Ordering Information

iLOK® Flash Cartridges (pre-packed, Ultra-pure irregular silica, 4063 µm, 60 Å) :

(Surface area 500 m2/g, pH 6.5-7.5, Loading capacity 0.1-10%)

Item Number Description Units/Box Sample Size(g)

Flow Rate


Max. Pressure


SD-5101-004 Silica flash cartridge, 4 g 20 4 mg–0.4 g 15–40 200/13.8
SD-5101-012 Silica flash cartridge, 12 g 18 12 mg–1.2 g 30–60 200/13.8
SD-5101-025 Silica flash cartridge, 25 g 12 25 mg–2.5 g 30–60 200/13.8
SD-5101-040 Silica flash cartridge, 40 g 12 40 mg–4.0 g 40–70 200/13.8
SD-5101-060 Silica flash cartridge, 60 g 12 60 mg–6.0 g 60-150 200/13.8
SD-5101-080 Silica flash cartridge, 80 g 10 80 mg–8.0 g 50–100 200/13.8
SD-5101-100 Silica flash cartridge, 100 g 6 100 mg–10 g 80–220 150/10.3
SD-5101-120 Silica flash cartridge, 120 g 10 120 mg–12 g 60–150 200/13.8
SD-5101-220 Silica flash cartridge, 220 g 6 220 mg–22 g 80–220 150/10.3
SD-5101-330 Silica flash cartridge, 330 g 5 330 mg–33 g 80–220 150/10.3

Compatible with all flash chromatography systems, for example ISCO, Biotage, Yamazen, etc.


iLOK® Empty Solid Load Cartridges:

(iLOK® empty solid load cartridge with screw cap, frits, disbursing unit, O-ring and end tips)

Item Number Description Units/Box

Max. Pressure


SD-0000-004 empty solid load cartridge, 4g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-012 empty solid load cartridge, 12g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-025 empty solid load cartridge, 25g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-040 empty solid load cartridge, 40g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-060 empty solid load cartridge, 60g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-080 empty solid load cartridge, 80g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-100 empty solid load cartridge, 100g optional 150/10.3
SD-0000-120 empty solid load cartridge, 120g optional 200/13.8
SD-0000-220 empty solid load cartridge, 220g optional 150/10.3
SD-0000-330 empty solid load cartridge, 330g optional 150/10.3

Compatible with all flash chromatography systems, for example ISCO, Biotage, Yamazen, etc.