BGD5 - Beverage Gas Dispense System

bgd5 1‘BGD5’ Beverage gas dispense system is designed to replace converntional cellar nitrogen cylinders and allows on- site production of nitrogen gas at the correct flow, pressure and purity suitable for beverage applications.

The Generator uses the reliable and efficient PSA technique of separating Nitrogen from the air is used to produce a flow of clean dry Nitrogen Gas.

The generator has a built in oil-free air compressor and only requires a source of electricity to operate as and when required.

BGD5 2Features include:-

Pressure display - air and nitrogen vessel Energy saving mode - auto start / stop Hours run display

On and Standby indicating lamps

Pre-set internally mounted gas blenders Wall mounting kit, easy to install

Wall mounted BGD c/w cylinder storage


The ‘BGD5’ Mixed gas dispense system utilises the reliable PSA technique of separating oxygen from the air to leave pure nitrogen gas at the purity required (99.8% N2). The generator has been designed to produce nitrogen gas at the correct flow, pressure and purity for the dispensing of beers, lagers, stouts, cider and wine in combination with gas blenders to mix N2 and CO2 at the given ratio.

The generator removes the need for heavy, high pressure gas cylinders and all the rental, delivery and other costs associated with them. Simply wall mount the BGD5 and connect the CO2 cylinder and nitrogen storage vessel(s) to deliver 3 or more mixed gas outlets, nitrogen only wine and CO2 only for soft drinks.

Quality - Always the correct gas mix to give the highest quality beverage
More Efficient - Consistent gas supply and reduced gas waste compared to an N2 gas cylinder
Reduced Beverage Waste - Consistent dispensing to the highest quality
Money Saving - Less Waste, reduced cylinder changes (CO2 only) to improve profits
Improved Efficiency - Less time spent changing cylinders, increased productivity
Beverage Preservation - More of the keg can be used, less waste back to the brewery

BGD5 3Also available - WINGEN20 and WINEGEN40 for pay per glass dispense machines, ask for further details.

Noblegen is a Wirac Automation Product