Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer

Balston Oxygen AnalyzerThe Parker Balston 72-O2730 Oxygen Analyzer is a self-contained wall-mountable or benchtop unit designed to monitor the oxygen concentration in a process stream, display the concentration in digital form, and provide appropriate alarms and controls for protecting a process against undesirable oxygen concentrations. The Parker Balston 72-O2730 Oxygen Analyzer is offered as an integral accessory to Balston Nitrogen Generation Systems. The Analyzer is also designed to be used on existing house nitrogen systems. The Analyzer has all the controls necessary to assure safe and accurate monitoring of oxygen concentration in a nitrogen process stream.

  • Protects instruments against undesirable oxygen concentrations
  • LED display
  • Alarm Set Points and Alarm Outputs



Model  72-O2730
 Accuracy +/- 1% full scale
 Sensitivity Range  0 - 100% Oxygen
 Digital Display Limits 00.0 to 99.9% Oxygen
 Span Concentration 0 - 23% Oxygen
 Response Time 12 Seconds
 Min / Max Sample Inlet Pressure 2 psi - 145 psi
 Min / Max Sample Flow Rate Range 25 - 850 mL/min
 Power Requirtements 240VAC / 50Hz
 Dimensions (W x H x D) 280 x 130 x 130 mm
 Weight 3kg


Ordering Information

Description Part Number Price
 Oxygen Analyzer 72-O2730  
 Galvanic Cell (sensor) 72695A