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The Velocity Vacuum Filter System uses a standard 47mm membrane filter and offers several improvements over conventional designs. Engineered for durability and ease of use, this unit features an O-ring seal which makes it easy to seat on a standard GL-45 cap closure reagent bottle. The vacuum port has stainless steel 1/4"-28 threads to last longer than other units and interface with standard fittings. The unique retainer ring prevents the filter membrane from twisting and becoming damaged. We hope you will agree that this simple, innovative design is an improvement over anything else on the market.


filtration feature 1 Stainless steel threads in the vacuum port ensure that this connection is vacuum tight. No standard fitting will strip these threads
filtration feature 2 The stainless steel or PEEK membrane filter support (right) and the retainer ring (left) ensure that your filter media remains flat and undamaged
filtration feature 3  

The O-ring provides a tight seal in the neck of a GL-45 reservoir bottle that is easy to seat and, when finished, to unseat.


Ordering Information

Description Part Number Price
 1 Litre Vacuum Filtration System (SS Membrane Support) VSS-1010  
 1 Litre Vacuum Filtration System (PEEK Membrane Support) VSS-1040  
 2 Litre Vacuum Filtration System (SS Membrane Support) VSS-1020  
 2 Litre Vacuum Filtration System (PEEK Membrane Support) VSS-1050  
 Replacement Parts  
 Stainless Steel Filter Support VSS-1008  
 PEEK Filter Support VSS-2010  
 Adapter Kit VSS-1000  
 Replacement 1L Funnel  VSS-0010  
 Replacement 2L Funnel  VSS-0020