SiliaBond Oxidants

In order to simplify the removal of oxidant by-products from reaction mixtures, but also to provide safer reaction conditions, SiliCycle has developed a range of silica bound oxidants.

SiliaBond Pyridinium Chlorochromate

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SiliaBond Pyridinium Chlorochromate (Si-PCC) is commonly used for the oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds, selective oxidation of allylic and benzylic alcohols, organometallic oxidation, oxidative transpositions, oxidative cleavages, allylic and benzylic oxidation and oxidative cyclizations.1-4 Using PCC immobilized onto silica gel provides anhydrous conditions that may otherwise promote side reactions and reduce yields. It greatly facilitates removal of polymeric reduced chromium by-products and is compatible with acid-sensitive protecting groups.5,6 When used in conjunction with ultrasounds, kinetic is increased and the amount of oxidant required to complete the reaction is decreased.

SiliaBond Pyridinium Dichromate (Si-PDC)

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SiliaBond Pyridinium Dichromate (Si-PDC) may be used as an alternative to Si-PCC in nucleoside and carbohydrate oxidation, particularly for fragile molecules.10 SiliaBond PDC can also be used in conjunction with tertbutylhydroperoxide for a variety of oxidative transformations. Si-PDC is a very convenient and effective reagent for oxidizing allylic and benzylic alcohols, saturated

SiliaBond Potassium Permanganate

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SiliaBond Potassium Permanganate is a strong oxidant that will oxidize methyl groups and alcohols to carboxylic acids. SiliaBond Potassium Permanganate increases recoveries, facilitates workup, and expands the scope of the chemistry because it can be used in all organic solvents eliminating solubility issues.1 With SiliaBond Potassium Permanganate, the manganese salt by-products stays adsorbed onto the silica.