Fused Silica and PEEKSil

PEEKSil™ Tubing

SGE - PEEKSil TubingPEEKsil™ is polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing with an effective outside diameter of 1/32"or 1/16".   The sheathing polymer is polyether ethyl ketone (PEEK) that is mechanically strong and has ideal characteristics for sealing with conventional metal or polymer ferrule systems. PEEKsil™ may be used as a direct replacement for conventional stainless steel as well as a replacement for PEEK tubing used in liquid chromatography systems.

Ordering Information

1/32" OD PEEKSil Tubing - (2 Pack)

Internal Diameter Colour Part Number 50mm Part Number 100mm Part Number 250mm Part Number 500mm
0.025mm Orange 624241 624242 624245 624249
0.05mm Beige 624261 624262 624265 624269
0.075mm Black 624271 624272 624275 624279
0.1mm Red 624311 624312 624315 624319
0.15mm Purple 624341 624342 624345 624349


1/16" OD PEEKSil Tubing - (5 Pack)

Internal Diameter Colour Part Number    50mm Part Number     100mm Part Number     200mm Part Number     500mm
0.025mm Orange 624225 624226 624228 624229
0.05mm Beige 624251 624252 624253 624250
0.075mm Black 624290 624291 624293 624294
0.1mm Red 624301 624302 624303 624300
0.15mm Purple 624230 624231 624233 624234
0.2mm Blue 624202 624203 624204 624201
0.3mm Grey 624214 624215 624217 624218
0.53mm White 624365 624366 624368 624370


Fused Silia Tubing

SGE Fused Silica TubingCoated fused silica capillary tubing exhibits remarkable flexibility, with most sizes capable of being looped to a bend radius of 1 inch without the glass fracturing. The key to this flexibility comes from the polyimide coating material that protects the glass from abrasive damage.




 Ordering Information

363um OD Fused Silica Tubing

Description ID (mm) Part Number
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.025mm ID. 10m Roll 0.025 062710-10M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.050mm ID. 10m Roll 0.05 062711-10M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.075mm ID. 10m Roll 0.075 062712-10M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.150mm ID. 10m Roll 0.15 062713-10M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.220mm ID. 10m Roll 0.22 062475-10M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, 363um OD, 0.250mm ID. 10m Roll 0.25 062492-10M
 Deactivated 363um OD Fused Silica Tubing    
 Tubing, Fused Silica  Methyl Deactivated 363um, 0.050mm ID. 2m 0.05 06244503-2M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, Methyl Deactivated 363um, 0.075mm ID. 2m 0.075 06244502-2M
 Tubing, Fused Silica  Methyl Deactivated 363um, 0.100mm ID. 25m 0.1 0624455-25M
 Tubing, Fused Silica   Methyl Deactivated 363um, 0.150mm ID. 5m 0.15 0624475-5M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, Methyl Deactivated 363um,  0.220mm ID. 5m 0.22 062447-5M
 Tubing, Fused Silica, Methyl Deactivated 363um, 0.250mm ID. 5m 0.25 0624432-5M