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CyclographThe CycloGraph system is a centrifugally accelerated device for performing preparative chromatographic separations. The device spins a layer of adsorbent material coated as a flat ring on a glass backing. A solvent pump is used to apply the sample and mobile phase to the center of the spinning adsorbent ring. The centrifugal action accelerates the flow of the mobile phase through the adsorbent, separating the sample components as circular bands. The mobile phase elutes continuously into a specially shaped collection channel inside the body of the instrument. Component bands are collected manually in test tubes or optionally by an automated fraction collector (not included.) Separations occur quickly, usually within 20 minutes, versus the typical 90 to 120 minutes for preparative Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) or Column Chromatography.


  • 2 - 4 grams maximum sample loading goes way beyond TLC plate capacity
  • No scraping of bands necessary; bands elute off rotor
  • 15 - 20 minute separation/elution times compared with 1 - 2 hour plate development time
  • Reusable circular rotors; wash clean with Acetonitrile or Methanol
  • Elution speed controlled by both solvent pump speed and RPM control


Ordering Information

Description Part Number Price
 CycloGraph System Standard 87-40
 CycloGraph Fraction Collector 87-60
 2000um Pre-Scraped Silica Gel Rotor 02205P   
 4000um Pre-Scraped Silica Gel Rotor 02206P  
 6000um Pre-Scraped Silica Gel Rotor 02207P  
 8000um Pre-Scraped Silica Gel Rotor 02208P  
 Blank Rotor (no coating) 02200