4mL Vials, Inserts and Caps


Agilent Waters Velocity Description
5183-4448 186000840 34013-1545 15x45mm Clear Glass Vial, 13mm/425 Thread
5183-1450 186001135 34013-1545A 15x45mm Amber Glass Vial, 13mm/425 Thread
  WAT073018 801010-1545 15x45mm Clear Glass Vial with PTFE (0.010") Septum   and Cap
5183-4464 186000841 806550-13 13mm/425 Black PP Open-Hole Cap with PTFE/Silicone   Septum
  186000842 806070-13 13mm/425 Black PP Open-Hole Cap with PTFE/Silicone with Slit
  WAT072711 5310-13 13mm/425 Black Polypropylene (PP) Open-Hole Cap
  WAT073005 601010-13 12mm x 0.010" White PTFE Septum
  WAT015199 403-638X 300uL Glass Limited Volume Insert, 6x38mm
  WAT072030 403P-638 300uL Polypropylene Limited Volume Insert, 6x38mm


Vial Height: 45mm

Vial Diameter: 15mm

Vial Thread: 13/425

Insert Size: 8mm


4.0mL Screw Top Vials

Designed to work in Shimadzu and Waters WISP™ 48 position autosamplers.  Choose from clear or amber Type I borosilicate glass.  Vials incorporate the unique StepVial design that precisely centers a limited volume insert in the vial neck. Available with graduated marking spots which can be written on with a pencil. J.G. Finneran is the original designer and manufacturer of the Glass Insert/Plastic Outside Vial (Glastic). Glastic is a unique combination of Type I low extractable borosilicate glass insert and a clear or amber thermoplastic polymer outer vial shell. The glass is the only contact between the sample and the seal.

4mL limited volume Vials 4mL Screw Top Vials 4mL Screw Top Polypropylene Vials
 30313TG-1545, 33113-1545  34013E-1545, 34013-1545  32513P-1545, 31213P-1545


Description Part Number Price
 4.0mL Standard Screw Top Vials    
 4.0mL Clear 13-425 Vial 100 Pack 34013-1545  
 4.0mL Amber 13-425 Vial 100 Pack 34013-1545A  
 4.0mL Clear 13-425 Vial with White Graduation Spot 100 Pack 34013E-1545  
 4.0mL Amber 13-425 Vial with White Graduation Spot 100 Pack 34013E-1545A  
 4.0mL Limited Volume Vials    
 300µL Glass Insert in Clear 13-425 Plastic Vial 100 Pack 30313TG-1545  
 3.1mL 13-425 High Recovery Glass Vial 100 Pack 33113-1545  
 Plastic Limeted Volume Vials    
 1.2mL Polypropylene Vials 100 Pack 31213P-1545  
 2.5mL Polypropylene Vials 100 Pack 32513P-1545  


Screw Caps and Septa

Available in a wide assortment of colors. Designed for use with all autosamplers.Choose the preassembled caps with septa best suited for your application. The patented Top Hat™ septa and closure was designed to provide a positive physical lock to assure that preassembled components arrive intact. Refer to Septa Selection Guide in the technical section above to choose the 13mm septa best suited for your application.

13-425 screw caps 13-425 Top Hat Closures 13mm septa
13-425 Open Hole Caps (no Liner) 13-425 Top Hat Closures 13mm Septa


Description Part Number Price
13-425 Open Hole Caps (No Liner)    
13-425 Black, Polypropylene Open   Hole Cap 100 Pack 5310-13  
13-425 Blue, Polypropylene Open Hole Cap 100 Pack 5310-13B  
13-425 Green, Polypropylene Open Hole Cap 100 Pack 5310-13G  
13-425 Red, Polypropylene Open Hole Cap 100 Pack 5310-13R  
13-425 Yellow, Polypropylene Open Hole Cap 100 Pack 5310-13Y  
13-425 Solid Top Storage Caps    
13mm Solid Top, Black Polypropylene Unlined Cap 100 Pack 5320-13  
13mm Solid Top, Black Polypropylene PTFE/F217 Lined Cap 100 Pack 5360-13  
13-425 Septa/Liners    
13mm x 0.010” White PTFE Septa 100 Pack 601010-13  
13mm x 0.040” Red PTFE/Silicone/Red PTFE Septa 100 Pack 604060-13  
13mm x 0.060" PTFE/Red Rubber Septa 100 Pack 606040-13  
13mm x 0.060" Red PTFE/Silicone Septa 100 Pack 606050-13  
13mm x 0.060" Re  PTFE/Silicone w/Slit Septa 100 Pack 606070-13  
Preassembled 13-425 Caps and Septa    
Black Closure, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Septa, 0.040" 100 Pack 804060-13  
Black Closure, Red PTFE/Silicone Septa, 0.065" 100 Pack 806550-13  
Black Top Hat™ PTFE/Silicone Septa/Closure (Patented) 100 Pack 806550TH-13  


Limited Volume Inserts 

Inserts are available preassembled with a polymer bottom spring or patented Top Spring™.The polymer spring acts as a shock absorber that protects against breakage if the needle bottoms out.The conical design permits complete sample removal. The Step Insert precisely sits in the neck of the vial, thus eliminating the need for metal or plastic springs.

4mL Vial Glass Inserts 4mL Vial Polypropylene Inserts
4025GF-827, 4035GF-842, 403BS-638X, 403TS-638  4027P-744, 403PBS-638, 403PTS-638 


Description Part Number Price
 Conical Glass Inserts    
 250µL Glass Step Insert, w/Glass Flange 100 Pack 4025GF-827  
 300µL Glass Insert, No Spring 100 Pack 403-638X  
 300µL Glass Insert, w/Bottom Spring 100 Pack 403BS-638X  
 300µL Glass Insert, w/Patented Top Spring™ 100 Pack 403TS-638  
 350µL Glass Step Insert, w/Glass Flange 100 Pack 4035GF-842  
 Metal Spring for 300µL Insert 100 Pack 4000-638  
 Flat Bottom Glass   Inserts    
 500µL Glass Flat Bottom Insert 100 Pack 405-843  
 Conical Polypropylene Inserts    
 275µL Polypropylene Insert 40275P-744  
 300µL Polypropylene Insert, No Spring 100 Pack 403P-638  
 300µL Polypropylene Insert, w/Bottom Spring 100 Pack 403PBS-638  
 300µL Polypropylene Insert, w/Patented Top Spring™ 100 Pack 403PTS-638