Chromatography Associates Inc


Chromatography Associates Inc. was founded to manufacture and deliver the finest GC Capillary Columns and Accessories possible.

CA capillaries are crosslinked and surface bonded yielding solvent rinseable, low bleed, high performance columns. Proprietary high temperature deactivation techniques ensure the inertness needed for today’s demanding analyses.

All CA columns are individually tested to ensure proper performance. Capillary columns are somewhat like children who have the same parents and upbringing but yet always come out different. Experience has shown us that columns made from the same lot of tubing, the same deactivant and phase solutions, bonded and conditioned using the same equipment come out different. Like caring for children we carefully manufacture each column and monitor them along each step of production and testing. This benefits both you and us. You get consistent high performance columns and we get fewer failures.

Column testing should be performed both isothermally and programmed. Isothermal testing is performed first to accurately assess efficiency and inertness. Temperature programming during this phase of the testing does not yield the familiar theoretical plate counts and may hide/obscure inertness problems by artificially sharpening the peaks. Once this testing is complete the columns should be programmed up in temperature to assess the bleed levels.

CA capillary columns are pre-rinsed to ensure the completeness of the cross-linking and surface bonding.

Please take the opportunity to read the Installation Manual that comes with each column. It contains vital information to ensure proper efficiency, inertness and low bleed from your new CA column.

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