Nacalai Tesque dates back to 1846 when the company’s founder Mansuke Nakarai opened Nakarai Mansuke Shoten, Ltd., an apothecary selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines. In 1958, this company’s reagent department became an independent company, Nakarai Chemicals, Ltd.

The company has since dedicated itself to expanding its corporate base and has strived to be an enterprise that our customers always rely on, while taking pride in its contribution to scientific and industrial development. Making the most of this 30-year history and as a step toward the future, Nakarai Chemicals changed its corporate name to Nacalai Tesque, lnc. in 1988. At Nacalai Tesque, we have fostered a corporate commitment to the pursuit of reliable quality and the creation of products of real value, while serving as a vital link between humanity and science. Centering around research chemicals, the fields of our activities include fine chemicals, diagnostics and related laboratory equipment and supplies.

The pace of scientific and technological progress in every industrial field is rapidly accelerating, and all business partners and affiliates are required to provide even more diversified and advanced expertise. It is our corporate policy to strive for our lofty ideals for excellence while respecting our long history and tradition. We consider it our mission to maintain close contact with our customers by offering reliable quality in all our products, information and services, and by making full use of the knowledge and experience of our staff.

The 30th Anniversary of COSMOSIL HPLC Column

In 2010, Nacalai Tesque reached another important milestone in the company’s history with the 30th anniversary of COSMOSIL brand HPLC column. For the past 30 years, Nacalai Tesque has provided innovative and reliable chromatography products to the analytical industry. Our goal has not changed since the first COSMOSIL HPLC column was developed in 1980; it is to focus on customer needs and make customer’s separations as successful as possible by offering the highest level of products and technical support. Keeping this goal in mind, we look forward to serving the industry for the next 30 years and beyond.


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