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Jordi Labs was founded in 1980 for the distinct purpose of providing the highest quality analytical services, polymer based HPLC columns and packing media in the industry. As a family-owned company, the Jordi family and the entire staff take pride in the research, production, and delivery of each of our products. We also understand the importance of quality customer care and strive daily to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have been rewarded through strong customer and distributor relationships worldwide in nearly all industries, such as specialty chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices. Today, it continues to be our goal to help our customers overcome their analytical challenges by providing the best products and services as well as quality customer care from our highly trained staff.

Currently, the Jordi team continues to be a leader in the innovation and implementation of new polymeric products to support the HPLC market. We continue to develop and manufacture a complete line of the best polymer-based high-pressure liquid chromatographic (HPLC) columns and gels for all types of liquid chromatography. We are also actively involved in the manufacture and sale of a broad range of SPE cartridges and well plates. We have developed a full line of SPE products to support clients in the environmental, polymer and pharmaceutical markets. The proprietary methods used to create the complete line of Jordi Gels have stood the test of time and are a testimony of the dedication to quality at Jordi Labs.

Jordi continues to be on the cutting-edge of new technologies penetrating the HPLC markets. We are excited about the release of a new polymer based aqueous GPC product line, release of a second generation Fluorinated GPC column with non-stick properties and further penetration into the polymer SPE marketplace. Our service business continues to be an integral part of Jordi and has been expanded through the acquisition of a number of exciting new instruments including a Frontier pyrolysis mass spectroscopy system, Micromeritics particle sizing and porosity instruments, and tetra detection light scattering, viscosity and refractive index GPC systems. We wish to thank all of our clients and partners for an outstanding 30 years. We look forward to providing even greater value and service to our customers in the years to come.

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