• Chiral HPLC Daicel chiral columns offer excellent resolution of racemates, rapid and easy method development, plus durability and long service life. Daicel chiral columns are essential tools in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Air Dryers Balston Membrane Air Dryers combine a superior coalescing technology with a proven, innovative membrane system to supply clean, dry compressed air with dewpoints as low as -40°F (-40°C). The Membrane Air Dryers are engineered for easy installation, operation, and long term reliability.
  • Hydrogen Generators Ultra high purity hydrogen generators from Parker Balston are designed as hazard-free alternatives to high-pressure hydrogen cylinders. Deionised water and an electrical supply is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous operation.
  • Vogtlin Flowmeters Mass flow meters & mass flow controllers for fast and precise measuring and control tasks.
  • Pure Nitrogen Providing a continuous stream of high purity nitrogen from a single 'plug and play' unit, the Parker range of nitrogen gas generators combine innovative technology, design and function.

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Triton Liquid Nitrogen Generator


Generate Liquid Nitrogen on site with the Triton Liquid Nitrogen Generator. Place next to your application and simply plug in and press start removing the need for costly and inconvenient deliveries of liquid nitrogen.

The technology has huge implications for industrial, medical, cryopreservation and laboratory applications, removing the need for liquid nitrogen tanker deliveries and transportation of LN2 between floors and department buildings. Risk of asphyxiation in elevators is dramatically reduced if the liquid nitrogen is generated in close proximity to the application.

The control system used gives operators all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistent supply of liquid nitrogen. Making laboratory life easy.


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